5 Cool Business Accounts on Instagram to Get Inspiration From


If you are here looking for the ways to get huge attention to your profile after making it, you must be wondering how to make an attractive bio. For doing this, you must take a look at these cool business bios on Instagram to get inspired from, and to revitalize and revive your bio.

By checking out the following Instagram accounts, you will get a detailed insight on how businesses are going to use their bios in order to grab attention of fans and help them with marketing campaigns. These bios are really amazing because they show how to customize your bio to highlight. You can get some practical knowledge and some inspirational ideas from businesses in various niches to implement now.

You may definitely want to check out the bio of top performers and leaders in your industry. It can help you set unique standard a little bit.


It clearly outlines the campaign hashtags to cover the whole community. This is really the secret that works. This way, they can easily share user-specified content and find it out.


It clearly and honestly mentions what their product is. They also motivate their fans and approach them to submit their own videos by making a URL of video submission in their own bio. It works well for them.

Shredz Army

It clearly provides their contact details through email for the fans that have doubts and outline their own hashtag. Users can just email the company directly with the email address they’ve provided. It is the best way to save time because users don’t need to click link. If you are looking for instant answer, you can get their KIK username to chat with them in real time.


It uses their bio to get their fans at the core of their marketing campaigns. They outline the clear hashtag of the campaign with which their fans can submit their own pictures. As a result, Holllister chooses the fan they love to feature on their account. It also makes it very simple and easy for the brand to track and monitor submissions as all fans are going to use one hashtag.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors have got a very unique and creative idea to sell their products over Instagram directly. On their bio, they clearly state the campaign hashtag of their brand along with steps to start with it. With #InstaKors hashtags, all tagged pics let users to buy products that are shown on their account. It is really a clear way to take items you love.